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trading strategy

Postby doaausef3li » Wed Jan 30, 2019 4:58 pm

The latest best forex trading strategy mentioned by Grace Cheng is straddling news. As the name implies, this strategy is based on high-impact forex news, to look for profit opportunities from major movements after the news release.
Grace Cheng's recommendations for this strategy are:
Focus on major pairs, especially EUR / USD.
Use the intraday time frame (H1 down).
Determine the support and resistance that form the price channel.
Pending pairs Buy orders and sell above resistance and below support.افضل شركات فوركس
Entry is only at the desired price level. If that cannot be fulfilled because of the risk of requotes or slippage, you should not trade
To minimize losses if both Pending Orders are touched, place a Stop Loss pending buy at a distance of 20 pips below the resistance, and pending Stop Loss sell 20 pips above the support. This is a manual solution that does not need to involve external plugins such as OCO Order.
The final wordافضل شركة وساطة لتداول العملات في السعودية
A trading strategy can be the best for a trader if he is able to understand and apply it correctly. It's useless that you apply the best forex trading strategy if you fail to understand its rules. It's no use you use the best forex trading strategy if you don't know when and where to apply it.
For that, you should choose the easiest strategy in your opinion and study carefully its use. In this case, the best forex trading strategies from Grace Cheng can be your place to start the ideal strategy selection.

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